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Presenting Mandy

This my ex Mandy, she lives in Vegas now. Here she is in a professional photo session, there are other ones, naked ones, intimate ones, but...i don't have them. Doh! This is her on her old balcony when she had an apartment in North Hollywood. Many nights I bent her over that balcony and shoved my apple headed missile up her young insides sending her howling into the night.. Memmmmmories! And finally what we all came to see. I actually have video clips in MP4 (Quicktime) but that's to come later after positive reviews.
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Do you have her permission to post this here? If not you should take this down.
it's all good she likes the publicity. She's a performing artist at Burning Man festival and is a sexually free and creative being like I am. She used to be dawnmathe82 on LJ but doesn't spend much time anymore. This is not a hated ex or anything. We get along great. But I appreciate your concern pink. I have nothing but respect for all posters and postees.
Thank you. I wasn't trying to start trouble but wanted to make sure that everything was kosher with the pictures. I know a few people that would throw a bitch fit if I posted our nudie pics without consent. I'm glad you two are still friends and she is open about her sexuality.

Gotta love us Burning Man freaks!
haha you said kosher.... that's actually bad if you really look at it..
LOL! You know what I ment!

i fucking love that userpic!
wow she looks very hot, that last pic is crazy she got nice tits
very nice
sexy! I hope to see more from you!
very hot. post again as soon as you can
Definately a hottie. Bet she sucks a mean dick, too.